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A Look Behind the Curtain with Adam Bahret

Join Adam for an hour on December 12th 2023 at noon EST

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Join reliability engineering expert Adam Bahret for this exclusive live session.

Taking principles from his new book Devastate the Competition: How to Take Market Share through Robust Design, Adam reveals the key aspects to gaining market share and devastating the competition when it comes to:

concept to launch
Keeping your product market goals connected to your product development program, from concept to launch.
rthree blueprint
How to use The R-Three Blueprint™ to:
avoid sideswipe
How to avoid the ‘’sideswipe’’ when your competitors steal your technology and market share. Learn how to change your product development process and gain maximum ROI and market share from your R&D programs.
risk guidance
Use “Risk Guidance” to ensure you consistently use your limited time and resources to focus on the most significant risks to making your product successful.
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Are you ready to Devastate the Competition?
As a thank you, five attendees will receive a copy of my new book. If you can’t wait….
Learn how to devastate the competition and make creating highly reliable products fast your new default mode.