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Reliability Culture:

How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products

When it comes to creating innovative, popular, and profitable products, today’s leaders often believe they have to make harsh compromises on cost point, time to market, or product features.
Fortunately, that’s not true.
What is true, is that when senior leaders work toward reliability, product details sometimes get lost in translation.

In Reliability Culture: How Leaders Build Organizations That Create Reliable Products, reliability engineering expert Adam Bahret delivers a step-by-step process to explain how the actions of leaders can impact product development.

By outlining how reliability engineering practices fit within a product development program, companies gain a better understanding of how roles and objectives align with the program – and how it applies to each specific role.
Reliability Culture: How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products enables readers to:

Understand the evolution of product design methods and how market acceptance is changing.


Develop a deep understanding of reliability and what it really means for all companies.


Implement reliability into daily operations.


Understand the role of management and teams in creating reliable products.


Discover new methods to translate carefully crafted product specifications into matching, highly reliable products.

Drawing on over two decades of experience, Adam Bahret identifies the daily struggle of reliability engineers and managers.
Delve into detailed discussions of product negotiation, program assessment and culture change methods, designed to begin the process of incorporating and promoting reliability in your organization.
Reliability Culture: How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products is written for:

CTOs and leaders who want to achieve a highly reliable product, launched on time, with the right design and features, and create a reliability culture that can generate product-based profits.

Organizational leaders who need tools for aligning reliability objectives and methods with the company’s business and brand goals.

Reliability engineers seeking solutions for integrating their discipline within the larger program objective and activities.

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Adam P. Bahret is a reliability engineering expert and the founder of Apex Ridge, a reliability engineering consulting firm. He has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and is a Certified Reliability Engineer and a senior member of ASQ and IEEE. He has spoken for multiple organizations globally. He is the author of two other books: How Reliable is Your Product? 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability (2nd Edition) and Devastate the Competition: How to Take Market Share through Robust Design