The Perfect Reliability Tool

Perfect Reliability Tool Books

Learning new reliability tools in just an hour

The series is a set of operational manuals for the most common Design for Reliability (DfR) tool. Each tool is a short, ~70 page manual that covers the why, how, best practices, and common pitfalls for one specific test or analysis tool. 

Content for these books come from from two decades of experience delivering hundreds of classes and lectures on these topics. It is a pocket guide specifically made for professionals who cannot always dig into a 500-page book. 

These books are written to be versatile, serving as a resource for focused learning, fuel for a cram session the day before an unexpected test, or a fun 1-hour read between watching ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and ‘The Notebook’ in a cross-country flight. 

The Perfect HALT

Adam's The Perfect HALT:Improving Your Product's Robustness

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is one of the reliability testing methods used to identify the hidden weaknesses in your design. Organizations will reap the benefits of doing HALT in the form of reliable products launched at lower warranty costs, higher customer satisfaction, and increased market share.

Adam's The Perfect Accelerated Life Test:Measuring Your Product's Life

Measuring the reliability of products is critical for any development team. Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) measures a product’s life by testing it at elevated stresses in a shorter period.

The Perfect ALT
The Perfect RGT

Adam's The Perfect Reliability Growth Test:Continuously Improving Product's Reliability

Reliability Growth Testing (RGT) is a nurturing tool that measures the reliability of a product and systematically improves it. Outputs are used to guide the program direction. It creates a legacy of robust products and Reliability Culture.

Adam's The Perfect DFMEA:Analyzing Design Risk Effectively

Design Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (DFMEA) is used to assess risks in the product design. They have a reputation for being unproductive. This book argues DFMEA is the powerful tool to create reliable products first time. 

The Perfect DFMEA