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Speaking the language of reliability

A reliability program needs the right language and metrics for the right people at the right time. Both internally and external.

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Leadership needs statistical confidence to make big decisions.
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The design team needs technical risk to direct their focus.

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Customers need percentage reliability to choose a product.
I see new technologies and innovative inventions fail in their intended impact on a regular basis.
CTOs and industry leading organizations trust me to create teams and product development programs that utilize critical reliability engineering methodologies and bring their inventions to market faster than their competitors.

A visionary and thought leader in reliability culture


Helping your organization to avoid
“The Sideswipe”

You get to market fast with great tech, it fails, and your competitors reverse engineer it and bring it to market as the product you intended.
Companies often invest millions of dollars developing new technologies that they innovate into a new product under pressure of time to market. Post-launch they’re faced with multiple failures and warranty claims.
Sideswipe is a term I invented to describe what happens when your competitor reverse engineers your product and designs a reliable version, fully profiting from your invention and technology.
I help organizations to avoid “The Sideswipe.”
Reliability culture is the future
Companies that incorporate design for reliability in engineering and business practices are market leaders. If you’re not fully embracing a reliability culture, you’ll struggle to compete against organizations that do.
You can have everything if you do it the right way.


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My career spans nearly three decades in product development and reliability engineering

A systems reliability expert with over 25 years of experience in advanced electro-mechanical product development across multiple industries, from robotics to healthcare:


I have worked with over 60 companies


Over $500 million in increased sales and reduced warranty costs


Over 90 reliable products launched

I created Apex Ridge Consulting when I saw how organizations of all sizes across all industries needed guidance in understanding and applying the Design for Reliability Toolkit, methodology and culture.
For over a decade as founder of Apex Ridge, a full-service reliability consulting firm, I’ve provided individual consulting services, testing services, organizational assessments and improvement, training seminars and integrated solution packages.

I have spoken at conferences and companies worldwide.

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Reliability Culture

I am the author of three books on reliability engineering and leadership:
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Reliability Culture, How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products (Wiley 2021)
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How Reliable is Your Product? 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability (2nd Ed 2016).
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Devastate the Competition: How to take Market Share Through Robust Design  (2023)

I live in Massachusetts with my wife and two daughters.

When I’m not designing and testing highly reliable products for my clients, I’m trying out my own at home. I typically use cars as my test beds, adding extreme features into unusual places. On our wedding day, my wife included her own unique vows, ‘’I’m well aware that my life going forward will be filled with constant modifications and disassembly of everything in our house.’’

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“With Adam as a coach and advisor, reliability has become a more fundamental piece of how we do business and what we want to be known for.”

~ Vero Biotech