Speaking the language of reliability

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Adam Bahret draws on over 25 years of experience at the frontline of advanced electro-mechanical product development across multiple industries, from robotics to healthcare:


I have worked with over 60 companies


Over $500 million in increased sales and reduced warranty costs


Over 90 reliable products launched

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Devastate The Competition:How to Take Market Share Through Robust Design

Evolve from the old way of getting new technology out the door and immediately establish a new product development cycle. Adam’s unique R-Three Blueprint™ outlined in this book will show you how to make bulletproof products that bring high tech to market quickly.

Creating highly reliable products fast will become your new default mode.

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Reliability Culture:How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products

Delve into detailed discussions of product negotiation, program assessment and culture change methods, designed to begin the process of incorporating and promoting reliability in your organization.

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How Reliable is Your Product?:
50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability(2nd edition)

The emergence of new technologies means the role of the reliability engineer is changing. Reliability is no longer a series of steps in product development. It needs to be ‘’designed in’’ from the product’s conception.

Adam's The Perfect Reliability Tool:A Short Book Series

Focused books covering one Reliability Tool. Read it in under an hour and apply it immediately