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Reliability Engineering Consulting

Helping CTOs to embed a culture of reliability and to drive faster, robust product development.

A strong reliability engineering program is a cornerstone of a profitable business.

When the reliability engineering initiative is ineffective it hurts the bottom line both short term and long term. In addition, it contributes to poor morale, dissatisfied customers and a tarnished brand.
When your product development programs are anchored in a strong reliability culture, your teams make highly reliable products by default, faster and with less program costs.
If the leadership doesn’t own reliability, who will?
CTOs and senior leaders face the challenge of reconciling time-to-market with having a robust product. Pressure to over-prioritize time-to-market can turn out to be a career-limiting move.
Adam Bahret helps these leaders to:
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What many CTOs and leaders don’t realize is that often the advancements that will help you produce a highly robust product are “free.”
What happens when you engage Adam Bahret to consult?
Adam embeds himself in all levels of the organization
Adam provides prescriptive solutions on reliability engineering based on a thorough assessment and analysis.
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Your team’s ability to learn about your technology through Adam’s design for reliability toolkit is the ultimate competitive advantage.
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Adam’s Unique Approach to Reliability Engineering Consulting

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Step One: Assess

I don’t provide you with a prepackaged plan. I assess exactly what you need for your situation.

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Step Two: Strategize

I don’t solely deliver recommendations. I create a thoughtful, prescriptive and executable plan.

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Step Three: Implement

I don’t leave you to implement the strategy on your own. I assist with execution and embed myself into your team.