RLP#1-1 What is Reliability Culture?

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Welcome to our first episode! In this episode I discuss how we are in the fourth phase of the practice of reliability engineering, Reliability Culture.  Reliability as a discipline in product development started with the simple strategy of “over design.” We started with big, heavy, and strong items to accomplish a task. If it wasn’t doing the job, we got something bigger and stronger. Phase two was the use of statistics and analysis to predict performance and adjust designs accordingly.  Phase three was the Design for Reliability philosophy.  We are now in phase four, Reliability Culture. In this phase we are applying methods and tools to connect reliability programs to the product market and business goals.

I love continuing to chat and get questions on these topics.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss further at abahret@apexridge.com or go to www.apexridge.com



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