The worst accident in all of racing history

Adam Bahret
Adam Bahret
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I am sure in your company’s history there have been unfortunate events that made you stop and reflect on how, and why, you do things the way you do.  In 1955 the entire racing world had such an event. It was horrific and everything changed worldwide when it was over.
Stories like this make you wonder what we could avoid by simply asking the question “What risks do we accept every day that we shouldn’t?”
I think this story is really poignant because it highlights how mindset can make us blind to risk.  We often wait for the evidence to be so overwhelming that it can’t be ignored before we access and correct it.
Sometimes the evidence piles up over time, sometimes it unfolds in front of us in a fraction of a second.
Imagine how many issues we could avoid in our product development programs if we took a step back every so often and accessed if what we thought of as “ok risk” is really “ok?”  I think if we did we would all experience far fewer disasters small and large.

Try this, buy your team lunch once a quarter, meet outside on a lovely day, and simply talk about the risks you take as technology developers. Are these risks necessary?

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