Sorry for the Late Invitation to the Party

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Adam Bahret

Did you ever get an invite like just a day before a party. It’s hard not to think “Do they actually want me there or did they hear I found out about the party and then felt bad?”

Well I’m doing a webinar tomorrow for ASQ and forgot to invite you. Nothing personal to you or the other person who reads the blog. I just have a bunch of things going on and didn’t post about it, or really post much at all recently. One of the “things” keeping my allotted writing time occupied is coming up with 90,000 words for my new book with Wiley. That’s not a shameless plug because I didn’t mention the book title “Reliability Culture” or the release date of early next year.

The ASQ webinar is on my fun and effective new tool “Use Case 7”

This is the webinar description:

“Use Case 7” is a new meme being introduced. Use Case 7 is the way a customer may use your product in a manner that is way beyond anything you expect. Foreseeable only under the influence of a mind altering additive. Yet these cases tend to show themselves and need to be in scope to ensure adequate margins of safety and performance. Tune in to be a part of this unique experiential perspective.

This is the registration form.

The webinar is Thursday (tomorrow) at 12:00 EST. I hope to see you there and you really were on the original invite list.


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