Reliability Growth Lunch and Learn

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Adam Bahret
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I offer many of my clients “Lunch and Learns” for their teams during our engagements. A popular topic is “Reliability Growth” (RG). RG is the practice of systematically measuring and improving a new design before a product’s launch. It is an astoundingly effective method for making sure your customers receive a highly mature product at release.  

Too many companies are familiar with the alternative to RG. This alternative is having your product mature in the field, with the customers serving as the test engineers, field service doing root cause analysis, and design engineers who thought they were on to new programs getting pulled back into a mess. It’s expensive, inefficient, and can often cause irreparable brand damage. RG mitigates all of this.

Enjoy this recorded session of a one-hour RG Lunch and Learn (lunch not included).


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