Adam’s The Perfect DFMEA

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Adam Bahret
DFMEA Hand Image

Mitigate design risks through planned actions.
Launch reliable products on time.

Design Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (DFMEA) is a reliability tool used to identify critical failure risks. DFMEAs have gained notoriety among product development teams for being unproductive and stressful. This book argues that when done correctly, DFMEA is an essential tool for creating highly reliable products the first time. Adam shares the five tenets for impactful and efficient DFMEAs in one short read.

Adam’s The Perfect DFMEA summarizes two decades of experience facilitating FMEA sessions across multiple industries to improve design. It is a concise read explaining the why, how, best practices, and common pitfalls. Worksheets are included to guide you through the analysis.

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