New England HALT Seminar

Picture of Adam Bahret
Adam Bahret

We held the New England HALT Seminar this past week.  It’s a little fun thing we like to put on every so often here in Boston. We do a few sessions where we talk about Reliability topics, we then play around with the HALT chambers and break a few things. It was great having sponsorship from Espec/Qualmark, and Air Liquide this year.  In past years it has just been me doing a few 30 minute sessions (one man show).  But this year we had four speakers and a diverse set of topics.  Definitely our best one yet.  This may grow to where we can’t do it at the lab any longer. Hopefully not, I don’t want to try and bring a HALT chamber to a conference center.

This is the first session on HALT in the product development process. We’ll post other sessions in following weeks.


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