Legal Use Case 7 Article #1

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You are about to see the first installment of what I think may  become a new series. Actually, I know it will. This is your introduction to “Legal Use Case 7” (LUC7). Let’s start with, ”what is LUC7 and how did it come about?”

I have been putting the Use Case 7 concept out there for many years. It is based on using your product in unusual ways which can yield several benefits such as increased robustness, lower warranty costs, and new markets.

I received an interesting email a few weeks back. Bill Kennedy, Frank Bruno, and Jim Burger from the law firm White and Williams reached out to me and said they would like to talk to me about UC7.

Initially, I thought, “ahh crap, I’m in trouble, someone got hurt or sued because of UC7 and now I’m going to get dragged into it.” Fortunately, this was not the case. In fact, they were fans of UC7 who wanted to discuss a new application for it, mitigation of product lawsuits. I was intrigued.

In addition to hearing about this new application for UC7, I was delighted to find out they were super fun to talk to.  It was especially interesting to learn about how they work with many of their customers. They often engage once a consumer or group of consumers has filed a suit against a manufacturer for injury or damage to property. Following that, they engage with the product manufacturer, the defendant, and even support them through the suit. 

Still, Frank, Bill, and Jim want to work with their clientele in new ways, in ways that help ensure these suits never come about in the first place. You can see why they were excited about UC7.

We decided to have an unscripted chat and just hit record.  It was a blast and we covered some great ideas. Before we knew it, 25 minutes had gone by and we had to wrap it up.  As soon as we hit stop, we began discussing what our next conversation would cover. So, it looks like a small series on the Legal applications of Use Case 7 has been born.  We already have our second session scheduled for later this week, and we plan to keep doing them until we run out of LUC7 topics to talk about.

Enjoy! …and I put closed captions on the video so you can watch it at your desk without anyone knowing. Is anyone even in an office anymore?


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