Installment #3 of Legal Use Case 7

Adam Bahret
Adam Bahret
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Well, you asked for it so here it is.  The third installment of Bill, Frank, Jim, and Adam cracking ourselves up and talking about how Use Case 7 can be of great benefit in the legal aspects of product development. 

We chose to do some actual role-play and work with a specific example in this session.  We operated within the structure of an active DFMEA in a scenario where a project manager is pressuring the team to stay on schedule, while engineering wants to take the time to explore all failure modes, and a legal representative is trying to break it up and come to a resolution.

Spoiler alert: If you stay to the end you’ll get to see where Frank got trapped for the call, since he couldn’t make it to his office. It’s pretty funny, and he weirdly seemed to like it.


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