HALT Seminar Session Two!

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Adam Bahret
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Second Session!!!

“The Perfect Reliability Program Plan”

We held the New England HALT Seminar this past week.  It’s a little fun thing we like to put on every so often here in Boston. We do a few sessions where we talk about Reliability topics, we then play around with the HALT chambers and break a few things. It was great having sponsorship from Espec/Qualmark, and Air Liquide this year.  In past years it has just been me doing a few 30 minute sessions (one man show).  But this year we had four speakers and a diverse set of topics.  Definitely our best one yet.  This may grow to where we can’t do it at the lab any longer. Hopefully not, I don’t want to try and bring a HALT chamber to a conference center.

This is the second session from the seminar “The Perfect Reliability Program Plan.” We’ll post other sessions in following weeks. If you would like to see the first session “HALT in Product Development” click here.


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