“Adam has taken his personalized approach to product development and advanced our organization into one that develops highly reliable technology and brings it to market fast, every time.”

russel low

Russel Low

CEO, Axcelis Technologies


“Adam’s methodology has enabled Ghost Robotics to build a strong, reliability-centric organization. We now easily make informed trade-offs to have a maximum positive impact on our product's class-leading robustness while growing our market share..”

gavin kenneally

Gavin Kenneally

CEO, Ghost Robotics


“ Adam’s expertise and guidance was critical as we established and then executed on our reliability program. Adam has a great reliability toolkit but is pragmatic in his approach, suggesting the right tools and approaches based on where we are at in our journey, and he has the smooth leadership and interpersonal style to be highly effective with the team.”

steve kloos

Steve Kloos

CEO of Engineering, Aquahydrex


“Adam helped us immensely in multiple ways to improve our reliability program. We now follow Adam’s methodology for reliability growth across multiple projects/programs which help us answer the age-old question of ‘how many units do we need to test!?’ Adam was extremely professional in handling a team of cross functional experts and stressing the importance of focusing on reliability early in programs, which helped us define testing methodologies, direction, and scale earlier on, so that we were well prepared when the time came.”

wesley blummer

Wesley Blummer

Senior Manager, Peloton

vero biotech

“Adam has been an instrumental partner who has seamlessly embedded himself with our team.  He has a unique ability to be both a mentor as well as a technical contributor that masterfully asks questions and demands data.  In a short amount of time working with our team, Adam has both improved our process of developing reliable products and transformed our culture.  He has achieved this while we continue to aggressively scale our Operations and develop new products.”

eric finkelman

Eric Finkelman

CTO VERO Biotech


“Adam demonstrated he is clearly an expert in the techniques, methods of the reliability field and you quickly were able to help apply those methodologies to a complex mechatronic device like the Indego exoskeleton. What I thought was really distinctive was his consulting style, especially his facilitation skills that drove the appropriate framing of choices and decisions.  Adam was able to influence a group of skeptical, highly qualified, inventive and strong willed design engineers to adopt and implement the tools. The outcomes were hence tangible.  The tools/techniques were incorporated in our development process and a robust testing plan was developed for our new product which gives me the requisite confidence to authorize the release when the time comes to the market.”

achilleas dorotheou

Achilleas Dorotheou

VP Development, Parker Hannifin - Human Motion


“Adam lead our team through a concise DFMEA consistently focused on getting us an actionable plan we can use to improve our product’s reliability. Highly recommend.”

matthew sunderland

Matt Sunderland

Director of Product Development, Anduril


“Apex Ridge expertly filled the role of a reliability engineer on our team, and helped us generate reliability data for our premarket submission to the FDA.”

john sokolowski

John Sokolowski

Vice President Engineering, Ivenix


“We engaged Adam and Apex Ridge after reading one of his many informative articles: “Reliability must be embedded into the production process”  Considering that we deply belive in this thought, We asked him to perform an assessment on our organisation to measure and suggest methods that will allow us to improve the reliability of our semiconductor testing equipment and structure our organisation to implement those suggestions. His approach was extremely thorough, looking to speak to people at each level of the organisation to understand where the improvements could be made. We will look to engage Apex Ridge once again to guide us through the implementation of the plan.”

antonio zaffarami

Antonio Zaffarami

President, ELES Semiconductor


“Adam was a key team member and suggested many new testing approaches that helped us to find the true root cause of failures.  His contributions helped to identify vulnerabilities and to improve reliability of our final product.  Interactions were seamless and meaningful and Apex Ridge felt like part of the team almost immediately.”

russell heinrich

Russell Heinrich

Vice President, Cooper Surgical


“Adam Bahret was key to elevating our reliability best practices. His guidance improved our application of DfR in product development.”

jaehyuk lee

Jaehyuk Lee

Senior Research Director, Hyundai Motors


“Adam could always be counted on to deliver exceptional support and guidance to Acorn product programs.”

ken haven

Ken Haven

CEO, Acorn Product Development

amazon robotics

“Adam worked on reliability analyses and reliability growth processes for us. He is extremely diligent and a great communicator and explainer. We have adopted his reliability growth methodologies and used them to improve the quality and responsiveness of our development process; he has had a real impact on improving the quality and reliability of our product.”

sarath krishnaswamy

Sarath Krishnaswamy

VP Development, Amazon Robotics


“I worked with Adam on multiple initiatives. Adam was always a large asset and could be counted on in getting programs organized and completed. He is also an excellent Reliability Engineer. Adam demonstrates a straight-forward means to solve various unique reliability problems, well delivered, in an engaging manner. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who needs expert help resolving a reliability problem.”

don gerstle

Don Gerstle

Quality Engineering, Google


“Adam provided a Reliability strategy for our program that ensured we had a robust and evolved design.”

chris guebert

Chris Guebert

Engineering Manager, Boeing