Delegate your Pareto

Adam Bahret
Adam Bahret
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Pareto Chart is a commonly used tool in reliability data analysis. Practitioners use this chart to condense the vast product reliability data into a single illustration and use it to generate a ranking of critical problems to solve regarding your product. While this is an elegant way, the challenge lies in executing improvement actions for all the items in the Pareto chart. Have you experienced being held up in the top 20% of critical items that your team does not have the bandwidth to mitigate the risks on the remaining items? 

A typical Pareto Chart

In organizations big & small, even with fully staffed resources, the problem of not being able to get to all the items on the pareto chart is observed. How do you deal with this problem in an effective way while managing your internal resources? I suggest the idea of delegating your pareto items. Here, the whole pareto chart is split into groups and your internal team attacks each of the groups at the same time. Your internal team can be split into groups based on the capability of solving the critical problems. Members of your team have varying levels of skills & experience. The categorization is made based on their skillset and the parrot group that matches their skillset is assigned to them. 

The major benefit of this approach is that the whole pareto chart is acted upon instead of spending resources held on few items. While this may seem contrary to the whole principle of pareto, it actually implicitly supports it. Splitting of your internal team may not be equal. They can be split in ‘pareto way’ with one team with more experienced members and high resources, while the other team has fewer resources. When the split of the team is in proportion to the pareto item it is assigned to, then the Pareto Principle is preserved and the whole process becomes efficient. 

The incentive to try this approach is the time -constraint organizations face these days in releasing the product. Time-to-market has reduced across all industries to compete on the global market. When multiple groups of teams are making product improvements at the same time, the Pareto chart gets shaved off sooner; giving you a reliable product!

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