My Favorite Reliability Phrases

Adam Bahret
Adam Bahret

I like the occasional good catchphrase.  I typically tend to speak in analogies and anecdotes and many of my customers and colleagues have suggested documenting them.  So on occasion, I will write them in my notebook.  Here are a few.

  1. Language is the tragedy of Reliability
  2. The “5 Why” root cause analysis works so well because it is intuitive.  Ever have a 4-year-old ask you about how something works?
  3. Bad data is like driving with a dirty windshield
  4. A completely clean data set is a fake data set
  5. Statistics is a language.  Take the time to learn the vocabulary
  6. Stress margin is having a second drink before the kids come home
  7. Statistical modeling is a cruel mistress.
  8. Smashing your product on the floor is a valid HALT test…and a kinda awesome day at work.
  9. Nobody knew Microsoft Windows was so buggy until Apple OS came along
  10. First generation technology sells on features, second generation technology sells on reliability
  11. Unfortunately, Aloe is an easier sell than sunscreen
  12. A plastic fork may have a 99.9999% reliability in a cafeteria but not on an arctic expedition
  13. Dirty data for Weibull analysis is making dinner with what you find in the back of the freezer
  14. Batman is an unrealistic superhero.  All of his gadgets are prototypes that never fail
  15. There are no small changes
  16. Reliability is the science of handling uncertainty
  17. Innovative designs build sales.  Reliable designs build brands
  18. Data is like clay.  It’s only beautiful if you work with it
  19. Over reliable and under reliable look the same in the graveyard
  20. The right test, for the right reason, at the right time

I sent a message to Hallmark to see if they are interested in doing a series.



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