Webinar ‘Reliability in the Product Development Process”

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Adam Bahret

“Reliability in the ProductDevelopmentn Process” July 26th

Special thanks to The Accendo Reliability community for hosting the webinar.


One of the more significant challenges for reliability engineering in product development is complete execution of the planned reliability process in product development. The reliability tools and techniques outlined in the product plan are often skipped or delayed, minimizing the opportunity for outputs to impact the program and product fully.

This contrast of planning and execution does not occur equally with product plan goals such as time to market, developed technical features, and product cost point.  Each of those are closely measured in development and have a strong presence when resource is re-negotiated during the program. There are specific consideration that must be made for reliability due to it’s more complicated nature to measure performance and improve towards the target.

This webinar and the continuing collaborative group will focus on studying these product development challenges for reliability and drive to develop long term solutions.


I would love to see you share your ideas and experiences on the forum.



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