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Adam Bahret

We are very excited to announce the release of the second edition of “How Reliable is Your Product? 50 Ways to Improve product Reliability”  by Mike Silverman and Adam Bahret

This book is available for purchase in hardcover on Amazon. now!

I recommend the book as an excellent guide for engineering project management

and their teams, as well as for reliability specialists. It demystifies the sometimes

difficult methods and helps specialists to communicate with managers, designers,

and other engineers. It will make your products more reliable.

– Patrick O’Connor
Author of Practical Reliability Engineering

“50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability is a great collection of ground rules that are

based upon experience. It describes a number of situations and presents practical examples

of what engineers should do to be successful in the area of reliability. In a few

examples, it also indicates what should not be done in order to avoid problems. The book

is organized according to the phases of a project, and a maturity matrix is presented as

a means to measure progress. Many examples show proactive use of reliability tools for

hardware and software. All are accompanied by concise case studies showing how to apply

tools and handle common situations. It is a must-read for all engineers and managers

who are involved with corporate-wide reliability improvement efforts.”

– James McLinn
CRE, Fellow, ASQ

“All engineering products have to be designed and manufactured with reliability targets

having been taken into account during the product development process. From an engineering

perspective, the role of reliability within product design and development is

one that applies a systematic process of proven engineering techniques throughout the

design program. In modern engineering programs, it is no longer sufficient to view reliability

engineering as simply a verification activity; reliability cannot be tested into any

product, it has to be designed in. Therefore, the role of reliability engineering within a

product design environment can be defined as controlling warranty costs by assisting

design engineers to make great products better. A key component within any effective

product development process is Design for Reliability, which when deployed, enables

reliability principles to be employed to evaluate the inherent reliability of the product being

designed; it also identifies potential opportunities for reliability improvement. This book’s

valuable guidance on design, analysis, and product improvement activities can be used

by engineers to optimize the reliability of the products they are designing and ultimately

to insure customer satisfaction. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who is involved

with engineering great products, from corporate managers to reliability and design

engineers alike.”

– Mark Turner
C.R.P. Six Sigma & DFSS Black Belt

“After reading 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability, I am impressed to state that if most

people who want reliable products would execute fifty or sixty percent of what Mike and

Adam are espousing, how great it would be for consumers. Instead of going into depth

on each topic, the book stays at a higher level to give a perspective of reliability within the

product development lifecycle.”

– Harry McLean

Author of HALT, HASS, and HASA Explained: Accelerated Reliability Techniques

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