They must have done HALT because their customer did too.

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Adam Bahret

I recently came across  working Nintendo “Game Boy” that looked like it had been through some seriously hard times.


This Gameboy that survived a barracks bombing during the Gulf War and currently resides at the Nintendo World Store in NYC. As is evident by the Tetris screen, it still works! Nintendo placed it in their showroom to demonstrate the level of quality they put into their products. To create a product of this caliber you would have to have executed a reliability program during design that took the product far beyond it’s “intended use and environment cases”. Being able to demonstrate this level of “bullet proof” quality to your customers is a factor in product purchases that has no substitute. Whether or not Nintendo called the program that brought the Gameboy design to this level of robustness a “HALT” program is unknown. But they surely did do the steps of HALT. To learn more about HALT take a look at some of my seminar video’s.
HALT Seminar

HALT is one of the best and quickest way’s to increase the robustness of your products to a level that will far exceed your competition.

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