A game changer for reliability of bearings

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Adam Bahret

One of the largest vulnerabilities for bearing reliability is loss of grease. Any reliability prediction for bearings is assuming a specific rate of breakdown of grease and/or a followed maintenance schedule that ensures grease quality. But regardless of what is assumed it is a huge wildcard in the life of a bering dependent system. This isn’t just a concern for mechanical engineers. What’s the number one killer for electrical systems based on wear out predictions?…… Bearing life! When the bearings in the cooling fan begin to fail and air flow drops the electrical components run hotter then intended. That accelerates the wearout of the electrical components and pre-mature failure is just around the corner. So this proposed idea of a greaseless bearing with 10x less rolling resistance is a big deal for mechanical and electrical designers a like. Let’s hope it pans out.
Greaseless Low Friction Bearing Article -Popular Mechanics


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