What is Mercedes Doing !!!

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Adam Bahret

Mercedes used to be known for their outstanding reliability. They were the benchmark for 80 years ,no exageration.  The new CLA250 model which is their base model has a reliability that is 140% less than the average rated car.  What??? 

It seems that Mercedes has taken this attitude that they will rush products and technology to market and then work out the bugs as the years go by.  Once  that model get’s to a point of excellent reliability, through testing via their customers,  they then discontinue the model and start all over again.  Are they taking project management courses from the Microsoft school of “who cares if it works.” Wow XP has become really stable” “Yeah well you can’t have that anymore, here’s Viista.”

Porsche makes their cars in the same town, Stuttgart, but has the opposite mentality.  They kill themselves to make sure everything is perfect before the customer touches the car.  All of their design changes are usually based on evolution from general (proven) technology advancements.

Both of us are 45 years old and still in tip top shape!

I really don’t know what to say about it all because the Mercedes CLA sold like hot cakes when introduced to North America.  I guess if their are consumers for unreliable flashy high tech cars than make unreliable flashy high tech cars.

A note from your local hypocrite: Wait for my next post on how much I dislike (more honestly love/hate) our Mercedes SL550.  Its’ an insane rocket with an amazing blend of performance and comfort but WTF is wrong with these people with regard to reliability.

(Note: I didn’t buy it someone else did, and she doesn’t read my blog so I can totally go off on it. )


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