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Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) is a staple in any reliability program. It provides the answer to that critical question, “When will my product wear out?” what is effectively your product’s expiration date. I can think of only two things that get better after their expiration date: prosciutto and croutons. So, if you are making anything else, medical equipment, truck brakes, or jet engines, you want to know the expiration date, and you want your customer to know when to expect it.

ALT is a very powerful tool. Much like nuclear reactors, lightsabers, or wrecking ball cranes, this tool can do a lot of damage very quickly when used incorrectly.

Imagine believing that your product has a ten-year life only to find out that it, in fact, has a critical wear-out mechanism at six years. This type of error is very easy to make by not following the ALT process correctly.

Enjoy this free one-hour Lunch and Learn regarding how ALT works, when to use it, and common pitfalls to look out for.

As always, I love feedback and answering questions so feel free to reach out and continue the conversation.


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