A simple step, but big impact for Alphabet Engine reliability

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Adam Bahret
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I took myself out of one step in the Alphabet Engine project for a good reason.

One definition of reliability is “The study and control of how variability affects product performance.”  Typically I talk about three primary variabilities, manufacturing, use, and environment. There is an underlying element to high variability for all three of those, humans.  We used to prize items that were “handcrafted.”  This was decades ago when uncalibrated machines and poor QA practices were prevalent. The idea of a skilled craftsman taking pride in a product and inspecting the outcome was a plus.
Today this is definitely not the case. We know how to do amazing QC and our production equipment is extremely precise, calibrated, and certified at regular intervals.
Humans involved in manufacturing, product use, and interface in the environment are big red flags in reliability.


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